Medical cannabis in Greece: legalisation and regulation

  • The provisions of no. 1 of Law 4523/2018, which added Article 2A to Law 4139/2013, laid out exemptions for the production, possession, transportation, storage, supply; as well as the installation and operation of a plant for the processing and production of finished medicinal cannabis products, within a single and enclosed area.
  • In accordance with the legislation currently in force, companies may be exceptionally permitted to install and operate medical cannabis processing and production plants for the sole purpose of either supplying the state monopoly on the provision of cannabis for medical purposes, or for the export of these products.
  • In particular, it is estimated that the world market for medicinal cannabis will continue to grow; while the German market which is currently the largest cannabis market in the European Union is estimated so see a commensurate increase.
  • As we noted in the previous question, Greece is one of the first European countries to have a legislative framework in place which governs the operation of processing plants for the production of medicinal cannabis.
  • Combined with the fact that Greece is a country with a clear legal licensing framework already in place, the market predictions suggest a favourable assessment.
  • Under the new law, authorisation for the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis in Greece takes the form of a common licence on an integrated production system; meaning that authorisation is completed in two steps: one licence for the initial establishment of a facility; and another for its operation.

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