Mia Shark’s 6 Key Marketing Strategies for Growing a CBD E-Commerce Business

  • There will be several social media platforms suitable for marketing your CBD e-commerce store.
  • Partnering with the right people allows you to target your ideal audience and reach them consistently.
  • Funnels are the lynchpin to your marketing success in a restricted industry because they enable you to send paid traffic to your offer without getting banned, blocked, or declined as you would if you tried sending the same traffic to your Shopify or WooCommerce Store.
  • On the first page of your funnel, Mia Shark says it is important to ensure there aren’t restricted words, such as CBD, on the page.
  • Competition levels, though, have made it important to focus heavily on marketing, allowing you to differentiate yourself from competing stores, says CBD expert Mia Shark.

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