Morgan Fox: Lobbying for the Future of Cannabis | Ganjapreneur

  • Today I am joined for the second time by Morgan Fox, who is the Media Relations Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association, which represents nearly 2000 member businesses and tens of thousands of cannabis professionals.
  • So I’m the Media Relations Director for NCIA, which basically just involves speaking with lovely people like you a lot, and trying to get the message out about NCIAs federal policy work, the resources that we’re bringing to bear on behalf of our members, and the resources that we’re offering them to help them run best practices and really present the best possible face for the industry.
  • I think that this is a slam dunk for the administration considering how much support this bill has and how much support cannabis policy reform has overall, and it’s an opportunity for Congress, particularly the Senate to show the American people that they can keep getting work done, despite the fact that there are a lot of distractions and a lot of other issues that they have to deal with.
  • NCIA once a year puts together our annual lobby days, we’ve got our 10th one coming up, although it may be pushed back a little bit because of the current health crisis, where we get over 300 of our members to come out and set up meetings with them with lawmakers.
  • NCIA the only cannabis trade association with a full time on the hill, in house lobbying team, that’s representing thousands of businesses and primarily small businesses.

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