Myths and Misconceptions About Marijuana Legalization – TheJointBlog

  • Those opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana fear that the availability of the drug will turn most Americans into unrestrained users, unable to control their urge to smoke weed and neglectful of the responsibilities in their lives.
  • This rampant drug use could compel users to experiment with harder, more dangerous drugs that remain illegal, compromising their health, their safety and the function of society.
  • Different drugs tend to produce different kinds of highs, and people who enjoy the sensation of using marijuana are rarely interested in the experiences offered by more dangerous drugs, like heroin or meth.
  • In an attempt to control these immigrants, many states passed laws against marijuana and eventually cannabis in general, erasing its vital importance to the country from history books in an attempt to paint the drug as pure evil.
  • Though more accurate research throughout the 1940s and 50s demonstrated that marijuana use did not lead to increased crime , anti-weed propaganda was more effective, and the American public developed a deep-seated loathing of the drug.

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