Nebraska Medical Marijuana Campaign Suspended Due To Coronavirus | Marijuana Moment

  • Those functions are: 1) requiring cultivators to deliver their cannabis directly to a government agency in a timely manner, but no longer than four months after harvest, and 2) ensuring that the agency holds the exclusive right of importing, exporting, wholesale trading, and maintaining stocks of cannabis and cannabis resin, except as it concerns medical marijuana preparations.
  • Further, the agency said it will control importing, exporting, wholesale trading, and maintaining stocks, and it may exercise its exclusive right by authorizing the performance of such activities by appropriately registered persons.
  • If this proposed rule is promulgated, the following key changes are anticipated: more persons will be authorized to grow marihuana, DEA will purchase and take title to the crops of marihuana, and DEA will, with respect to marihuana, have the exclusive right of importing, exporting, wholesale trading, and maintaining stocks, the notice states.
  • These changes would mean that authorized purchasers of bulk marihuana to be used for research, product development, and other purposes permitted by the CSA may only purchase from DEA, except that DEA’s exclusive rights would not extend to medicinal cannabis or cannabis preparations.
  • The sponsor of a comprehensive legalization bill, Sen. Liz Krueger (D), said on Wednesday that she now doesn’t expect lawmakers to reach an agreement to include the policy change in the budget despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) repeatedly arguing that the spending legislation is the ideal vehicle to get it done .
  • Decriminalize California, the group behind the proposed initiative, partnered with two other campaigns in the state to write a letter to the governor, secretary of state and attorney general, requesting the emergency policy change.

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