Newly Released Memo Finds DEA Not in Compliance with International Drug Laws

  • In its proposed rulemaking changes, DEA states that cannabis owned by the government is maintained at the DEA-registered manufacturer’s site where DEA would maintain its ability to access the storage location at which such crops are located as it deemed necessary.
  • In other words, the proposed rule change would grant DEA total access to federal research cannabis reserves as the agency would be the sole owner of said cannabis.
  • Ambrose Jackson, CEO of social equity applicant Parkway Dispensary, said his team of 12 some of whom lost their jobs during the pandemic are eager to start building their company.
  • Through its social equity program, the state may eventually award up to 20% of individual dispensary license application points to eligible social equity applicants .
  • City council doesn’t want to rush anything, to ensure that larger companies can further help equity dispensaries, said Moore, who is a member of council’s 20-member Black Caucus.
  • ” If we’re not there to vet that process and we let things go through, then a lot of these minority participants who are looking to get a license as well may be short-changed in the process, Moore said.

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