No-Till’s Next Battleground | Cannabis Now

  • Subcool, who passed away in February 2020 , explained his optimal soil mix in a 2009 High Times article called Subcool’s Super Soil Step by Step .
  • In the article, he says his soil mix, when blended with microbe-rich things such as bone meal, worm castings and bat guano, leads to buds finishing with a smoother, fruitier flavor.
  • The indoor no-till method combines the use of organic nutrient-rich living soil like Subcool was promoting a decade ago with the philosophy of natural farming outdoors that was popularized in the 1970s.
  • Some people say you get a better terpene profile in full-spectrum sunlight, I would say that you get a more resinous plant and a healthier plant to harvest by growing it indoors in a controlled setting.
  • Ultimately, Snow sees indoor no-till growing as a way to bring the lessons of outdoor to an indoor environment.

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