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  • Because, in addition to releasing females from the first generation of Gelato phenos, he’s going to be producing new generations using HSO genetics, a process that’s already produced promising results.
  • I haven’t yet tried the next generation of official Gelato crosses, but given the wide scope of the pheno hunt that produced them roughly 3,000 seeds and the prestigious lineage of the new genetic material used, I’m eagerly awaiting the opportunity to taste the new flavors.
  • I took a Mandlebrot OG clone that HSO provided and that male went back to all of my original genetics, and I selected about five new phenos from a roughly 3,000-seed pheno hunt, he said, adding that he’s never used so many precise metrics to select winners.
  • I boiled it down to about 40 keepers out of the new generation and tested them all for terpene profile and potency, then took portraits to look at the bag appeal, he said.
  • All the other people who have used Gelato, that’s either a bag seed or cuts
  • It’s an uncommon sentiment at a time when running a legal cannabis company can feel like navigating a narrow mountain ridge with steep drops on either side.

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