OxiClean Spokesman Anthony Sullivan Turns TV Spotlight on Hemp

  • The Colombian government issued a new regulation that establishes the regulatory framework to commercialize master cannabis preparations for Colombian medicinal cannabis, a market estimated to comprise some 5 million patients.
  • On March 2, the Ministry of Health issued Resolution 315, which not only opens up the Colombian market for medicinal cannabis but also allows the transformation of dry cannabis flower into derivative products for companies that set up industries at free trade zones.
  • Master cannabis preparations with 0.2% of THC or higher, including oils, non-psychoactive and psychoactive cannabis, must be registered to the country’s National Narcotics Fund, according to the resolution.
  • We had an export plan almost entirely earmarked for our production, and now through the legalization of the master cannabis, Colombia will be able to prescribe medicinal products through doctors, Borja Sanz de Madrid, president of Pideka told Cannabis Business Times.
  • Now, dry flower produced in the country can go into the Free Trade Zone for transformation for derived products such as cannabis extracts or oils, Arcilla said noting that the objective is to inject value-added to dry flowers.

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