Pasadena finds new speed bumps on road to legal cannabis

  • Varda was never mentioned in Dodd’s letter to the Planning Commission, but the timing of its permit hearing was caught in the crossfire as the SweetFlower executive called officials’ attention to Med Men’s proposed storefront location an illegal one, Dodd alleged and significant changes in leadership since the company’s screening application was submitted in January 2019.
  • Med Men’s proposed storefront location, 1 W. California Blvd.
  • By city law, dispensaries can’t be within 600 feet of any businesses that treat substance abuse disorders; Dodd told officials the facility was within 120 feet of Med Men’s proposed location.
  • Several city residents said the same in their own letters of opposition to the storefront, most calling attention to the treatment center, even though it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the city’s lengthy staff report.
  • It’s just one of several city standards that SweetFlower alleges were bent or broken as staff moved through the permit application process, however minute they may be.

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