Pot tax hits high mark: Over $1B

  • California has raised $1 billion in cannabis tax revenue since the industry kicked into gear in January 2018, according to figures recently released by the state.
  • Though growth has been slower than expected, and legal operators continue to be hurt by the persistence of the illicit cannabis market, cannabis tax revenue has been rising, from $72.6 million in the first three months of legalized sales in 2018 to $172.7 million in the last three months of 2019.
  • If that growth rate holds steady this year, the industry will hit $1 billion in tax revenue.
  • All cannabis legally sold in California comes with a 15% excise tax, a cultivation tax by weight and regular state sales tax.
  • In the following weeks, Kiloh said, surrounding licensed businesses reported a 25% jump in sales.

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