Profitably Scaling Regional Cannabis (Podcast)

  • While Aviv Hadar of Oregrown strongly believes in vertical integration as the best way to maximize margins, Eric Ross and Ed Weidenfeld of District Cannabis and Phyto Management, believe in first focusing on their core competency.
  • We first talk to Aviv Hadar, the outspoken Co-Founder and CEO of Oregrown Industries, a vertically integrated cannabis brand, and a decade long investor in the world’s largest tech company with a background in digital communications and technology.
  • Aviv is also a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis Association, a member of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission Rules Advisory Committee, a Leafly Technical Advisory Board Member, a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, and the first person in Oregon State history to testify to the OLCC on behalf of Oregon’s cannabis legalization measure in 2015 – the same year he was awarded the inaugural High Times Political Trailblazer Award.
  • Previously, Eric was President of Capital Markets at Metropolis Capital and prior to that, he spent five years as President of Artery Capital, a Washington DC-based family office focusing on real estate and on private equity investments in emerging industries, including cannabis.

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