Rosinbomb: Revolutionary Technology That Creates Perfect THC/CBD Rosin Everytime

  • In overall footprint it’s not much larger than a toaster oven and much more fun to use, although the Rosinbomb doesn’t make frozen Ellio’s Pizza like my toaster-oven, it does make some of most well-extracted and efficient rosin you’ve ever tasted from your own herbs.
  • Truly Tabletop Farley Cahen, Elevated Agency / Maverick Technology Solutions
  • As we grew and developed new products, we saw the opportunity to take the business public in 2018 and since have grown the company to be the far and away market leader with a number of issued and submitted patents as well new innovations on the horizon.
  • Additionally, we’re looking at the two other major opportunities, a small handheld portable device that is super exciting
  • Some brands don’t actually know the attributes of their own products or choose not to publish factual information additionally, they may not be the original manufacturer.

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