Sativa vs. Indica: What’s the Difference Between Strains?

  • Combining CBD with your THC may help lessen any negative effects of THC (like paranoia) while contributing to its benefit; this comes from the entourage effect theory, which supposes that all the phytochemicals (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids etc.) work best all together.
  • These are the aromatic compounds found in cannabis that give it its distinct smell
  • Certain terpenes, like limonene and pinene, are associated with that perky sativa feel, while myrcene, in particular, is thought to contribute to the deep, indica chill.
  • CBD and THC are cannabinoids (can-AH-bin-oids) found in marijuana.
  • In the U.S., adult-use (or recreational cannabis) is currently legal in 11 states plus Washington, D.C., while medical marijuana is available for a variety of conditions in 33 states.

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