Six Cannabis Leaders Discuss How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Industry

  • Recently, six leading cannabis professionals shared their thoughts on how the pandemic has affected their industry and weighed in on where they would like to see their business moving forward.
  • (We Are For Better Alternatives), a Colorado hemp company; Andrew DeAngelo , cannabis industry consultant and co-founder of California-based dispensary chain Harborside ; Katie Stem, CEO of Peak Extracts , a edibles and cannabis chocolate manufacturer in Oregon; Sam Ludwig, president of Oakland, California-based Aster Farms , a sustainable cannabis company ; and Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson of cannabis podcast Weed+Grub .
  • A large portion of companies and organizations rely on these events to market products, connect with clients and potential clients, and do business face-to-face.
  • What I do know is that people need more weed in a crisis, not less.

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