Tale Of Two Pot Dispensaries: Coping With COVID-19

  • For two cannabis businesses, one based in Colorado and the other in Massachusetts, it’s been a mixture of both during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In Lee, Massachusetts, where recreational dispensary Canna Provisions has been based since its July 2019 opening, it’s been the worst of times now that the state has shut down its recreational (but not medical) market .
  • After being deemed an essential business, Starbuds’ Denver locations are currently allowed to stay open for in-store sales.
  • Though it may appear that Canna Provisions and Starbuds are on divergent tracks, both share similar fates in that these two businesses, just like all businesses in this age of coronavirus, whether designated essential or not, are intertwined in a common thread of ominous uncertainty.
  • To manage this logistical roller coaster, Starbuds has created new offerings, which include an online marketplace created by partner and cannabis consulting firm Medicine Man Technologies , where customers can find information about pre-ordering at different dispensaries in one central location.

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