The best vaporizers for cannabis flower

  • Features at a glance: vapor bag delivery system, forced-air convection heating, concentrate compatibility.
  • Better-than-average flavor performance Affordable tabletop convection Enhanced vapor control via variable fan speeds and precision temp control Vapor bag or whip cloud delivery
  • Offering seven pre-set temperatures, easy maintenance, and cordless functionality, it’s a great device for around-the-house sessions and despite the name, the Solo is perfectly shareable, as you’ll be seeing moderate to high flavor preservation throughout a cycle.
  • Taking into consideration the Tera’s swappable battery, water-pipe and concentrate compatibility, full digital temp control, and speedy charging and heat-up times, it rates very high next to competitors at $200.
  • Features at a glance: Convection heating, quartz herb chamber, glass vapor path, concentrate compatibility, speedy heat-up times for quick sessions.
  • Features at a glance : Pen form factor, convection heating, stainless steel or titanium body, magnetic charging ring, silicone lip protector, temperature dial enables adjustments from 266F to 410F.

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