The Bulletin: RMA changes please opposition, worry Greens

  • In today’s edition: Government unveils fast-tracking of RMA for infrastructure, shape of cannabis law reform announced, and Fish and Game in disarray.
  • In what seems like one of the most unlikely headlines of the year, the government has made RMA changes that are broadly palatable to the other side of parliament.
  • In a press release , environment minister David Parker said the consenting and approval processes that are used in normal circumstances don’t provide the speed and certainty we need now in response to the economic fallout from COVID-19.
  • As Radio NZ reports, much of the process that currently involves consultation with the public and councils will be done away with, and replaced with a small panel of experts.
  • National’s RMA spokesperson Judith Collins said that while she’d like to see further details, in general the party supports them, and would even like to see them made permanent.
  • They also said that in normal times the way the temporary law reform came about wouldn’t be desirable, but there is a clear imperative to get economic activity going again and a strong initial surge of public and private sector spending on infrastructure projects is urgently needed to create employment.

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