The Price of Advocacy | Cannabis Now

  • As a board member for the Emerald Growers Association, O’Neill spent the mid-2010s speaking in front of the Mendocino County supervisors and to state legislators in Sacramento about how cannabis legalization could be a crucial lifeline for small farmers.
  • He worked as the secretary of the Emerald Growers Association and a board member of the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council.
  • Every other industry sends lobbyists to tell government how to think, so finally as an industry, we are realizing if this is how it works in America, we are going to have to play ball, O’Neill told the Associated Press in 2015 , before he and other members of the Emerald Growers Association went off to lobby assemblymembers in Sacramento.
  • After months of work at the state level, Proposition 64 was born: a plan to legalize cannabis with regulations coming from the Department of Agriculture, no cap on licenses, appellations and tiered licensing.
  • Notably, California put forth cannabis regulations after Prop. 64 that don’t prohibit people from stacking multiple cottage licenses together to make a large grow.

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