The Significance of Medical Cannabis in the Industry – Cannabis Health Insider

  • According to a professor in the Department of Oncology and Medicine at McGill, Antonio Vigano, if a cancer patient feels better (due to medicinal cannabis), the patient tends to be in better shape to be the recipient of traditional cancer treatments such as immunotherapy.
  • Vigano further added how cancer treatments leave patients with a lack of appetite, fatigue, and immense pain, and that medicinal cannabis can treat these symptoms.
  • Avicanna CEO, Aras Azadian, had commented on the molecule saying, their own research has provided them with knowledge about CBG having a higher affinity to the endocannabinoid system (EDC) receptors, along with showing potential significance in many disease areas.
  • Officials have reported that legal cannabis stores will temporarily be allowed to offer delivery and curbside pickup services, just days after the order of the Ontario government for the closing of cannabis retail stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The directive, which came into force on Tuesday, is expected to last for 14 days according to the statement, and continuation in these services can be expected if an extension of the broader provincial emergency order on business closures is seen.
  • However, this emergency order will allow sales of cannabis during this pandemic by outlets other than the online Ontario Cannabis Store.

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