Trulieve Sets Records While Some Florida Competitors Implode (OTCMKTS:TCNNF)

  • It is easy to envision TCNNF share price quadrupling within three years as investors come to realize that Trulieve is a unique cannabis company in a rapidly growing market.
  • MMTCs also dispense products via home delivery which is expected to increase based on the normal consumption pattern.
  • Cultivation and inventories require cash to fund the expenses embodied in them; therefore, as Trulieve’s expanded its cultivation and processing to meet its burgeoning customer demand, the demand for cash to support those assets soared.
  • Most Florida medical marijuana patients did not have to rush to their medical marijuana doctor’s office to get prescriptions, because such doctors issue authorization instructions to Florida’s Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use, OMMU, for varying mgs.
  • The Botanist’s birth was at the hands of Wall Streeters who paid $66 million ($62 million in cash) in January 2019 for Nature’s Way Nursery in Miami, which is licensed to grow, process and dispense medical marijuana.
  • Trulieve’s once pristine balance sheet now features a wealth of intangible assets and goodwill paid for with shareholder money along with leases and debt needed to fund Trulieve management’s dream of becoming a nationwide brand.

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