Two Marijuana Magazines Owned By High Times Suspend Publication Due To Coronavirus | Marijuana Moment

  • North Dakota activists announced last week that they are suspending their campaign put marijuana legalization on the November ballot due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • In addition to that restriction, which the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) confirmed last month , a wide range of businesses that indirectly service the cannabis industry are also ineligible under recently enacted legislation.
  • An ineligible indirect marijuana business is defined by SBA as a business that derived any of its gross revenue for the previous year (or, if a start-up, projects to derive any of its gross revenue for the next year) from sales to Direct Marijuana Businesses of products or services that could reasonably be determined to aid in the use, growth, enhancement or other development of marijuana.
  • The list includes businesses that provide testing services, or sell or install grow lights, hydroponic or other specialized equipment, to one or more Direct Marijuana Businesses; and businesses that advise or counsel Direct Marijuana Businesses on the specific legal, financial/accounting, policy, regulatory or other issues associated with establishing, promoting, or operating a Direct Marijuana Business.
  • Because hemp was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, businesses that sell the crop or those that indirectly service those companies are eligible for federal relief programs a point SBA stressed in a recent blog post .
  • Laura Sharer, the director of Delaware NORML, had urged the state last week to allow delivery options for patients who needed it.

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