urban-gro: cannabis cultivation space programming

  • urban-gro, Inc’s team of expert engineers and designers have developed an innovative process for cultivation space design.
  • As expert engineers and designers of high performance cannabis cultivation facilities, it is our job to create cultivation facilities that exceed our customers’ goals for efficient interaction between the people, plants, environment and processes critical to the economic success of the facility.
  • Today’s modern cultivation facility is a blend of multiple building types: the dynamism of living plants found in a horticulture facility, the precision process cooling systems found in a data centre, the intense humidity loads found in indoor swimming pools; and the precision operations and sanitation requirements of pharmaceutical-grade laboratories.
  • The attributes of each building type combine to contribute to the economic success of a high performance cultivation facility.
  • It is generally assumed that a cultivation facility is designed via collaboration between architects, engineers, and speciality consultants.

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