Veterans’ Advocates Look Askance at Cannabis Bills

  • Just as it was becoming apparent that Covid-19 was going to be a big problem in United States, diverting the attention of Congress and everyone else, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs managed to pass two major bills addressing medical cannabis for veterans.
  • A Republican committee member, Phil Roe of Tennessee, managed to add an amendment that essentially gutted the bill’s provisions, and transformed it to nearly mirror his own bill from several years back, which critics say would yield less scientifically sound research.
  • The Medicinal Cannabis Research Act (HR-712), sponsored by Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.), passed the Committee on Veteran’s Affairs by a 15-11 vote.
  • Meanwhile, the Veteran’s Equal Access Act (HR-1647), sponsored by Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), passed the committee unanimously.
  • Roe’s amendment, which in effect became the final bill, gives the VA a year to devise a plan to support research, and calls for ” essentially no specific research trials,” said Eric Goepel, founder and CEO of the Veteran’s Cannabis Coalition.

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