Virginia Governor Urges Medical Marijuana Expansion As Amendment To Recently Approved Bill | Marijuana Moment

  • This is in addition to a marijuana decriminalization bill that was also recently approved but is also subject to another vote because the governor similarly recommended several amendments .
  • Reform advocates celebrated the action, as it moves Virginia closer to being what they consider to having an effective or comprehensive medical marijuana law albeit one that’s still far more restrictive than those in many other states that allow patients to access a wide range of cannabis products, including flower.
  • Fortunately, SB1015 and SB976 greatly improve and expand Virginia’s medical cannabis program, providing explicit legal protections for participants, and ensuring patients have access to a wide range of popular formulations.
  • Part of the process of getting there involves a working group study on the impact of legalization for the state something that was set in motion by the decriminalization bill as well as a separate approved resolution directing the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to also review the issue.
  • While activists acknowledged last month that there was no practical way to collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot since in-person collection was suspended as officials have shuttered many businesses and encouraged social distancing measures, they teamed up with other campaigns to explore alternative avenues to success such as pushing for electronic signature gathering.
  • Idaho activists announced that they are suspending their ballot campaign , though they are still focusing on distributing petitions through online download at and encouraging every volunteer who has downloaded a petition to get them turned in to their county clerk’s office by mail, regardless of how many signatures they have collected.

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