Virtual 4/20: How the Cannabis World Adapted for Quarantine

  • Dispensaries in states where they’re considered essential businesses and therefore allowed to stay open, while following strict safety protocols and social distancing rules are leaning into their curbside pickup and contactless delivery options.
  • Mainstream, non-cannabis brands that have latched onto the holiday with psychedelic stoner-cliched ads and memes may sit it out all together, similar to this year’s approach to April Fools’ Day, so as not to appear flip or insensitive (or simply wasteful with their resources) during the current pandemic and economic downturn.
  • All things considered, 4/20 is expected to shed some of the raucous overkill and amateur night feel of the recent past in favor of a more thoughtful, subdued vibe.
  • You don’t generally associate 4/20 with restraint, says Steve DeAngelo, a longtime cannabis activist and co-founder of the Harborside dispensary chain in the Bay Area.

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