Virus Claims Girl Who Proved Benefits of Cannabis

  • A girl with a rare form of epilepsy whose recovery inspired the name of a medical marijuana oil that drew families of children with similar health problems to Colorado for treatment has died after being hospitalized and treated as a likely coronavirus patient, her mother said Wednesday.
  • Charlotte, who lived in Colorado Springs, died Tuesday after suffering a seizure that resulted in cardiac arrest and respiratory failure, her mother, Paige Figi, said in a statement.
  • Charlotte tested negative for the coronavirus when she was initially admitted to a hospital on Friday but was still treated as a likely Covid-19 case when she was returned to the hospital Tuesday after the seizure because her whole family had been sick for a month with suspected coronavirus symptoms, Figi said.
  • Such was the path chosen by this little girl with a catastrophic form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, the statement said.

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