Want To Slow COVID-19? Legalize Marijuana And Release Inmates

  • At a time when across the country, states are limiting gatherings of over 250 people and those who can are choosing to self- quarantine , there’s one place where millions of people are involuntarily gathered in close proximity our nation’s prisons and immigrant detention centers.
  • An epidemiologist at Brown University has recommended that the United States could release close to 44,000 detained immigrants who are being held for civil, not criminal, infractions.
  • This would not only prevent the ability of COVID-19 to spread as quickly, but also save critical government resources given that 73% of immigrants are held in privately-run facilities, it’s an incredible waste of resources at a time when we need every dollar we can get to fight the spread of the disease.
  • Organizations like the ACLU and Critical Resistance are also calling for the release of high-risk populations like immigrants who are pregnant or over 60 years old from a GEO Group facility
  • If we legalized marijuana nationally effective this week and provided a pathway home for people being held on cannabis-related charges, we could reduce the prison population by 40,000 nationally.

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