What Does the Federal Tax Deadline Extension Mean for the Cannabis Industry?

  • Morgan Fox, media relations director, National Cannabis Industry Association
  • In San Jose, Calif., for example, dispensaries may remain open so long as they take measures to ensure appropriate social distancing, which has been recommended by the CDC to be at least 6 feet.
  • Cannabis advocates, however, say adult-use marijuana should have an essential declaration as well, as even so-called recreational users can depend on it for therapeutic benefits.
  • NORML [National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws] advocates that these facilities be permitted and encouraged to deliver products directly to patients and the elderly so that they can continue to engage in social distancing, as recommended by most public health departments, says NORML executive director Erik Altieri.
  • For those facilities that continue to maintain operations for on-site retail sales, NORML encourages them to engage in recommended best practices in order to keep both their employees and their customers safe.

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