What to Know About Using Cannabis Right Now

  • [Whether you’re] smoking tobacco, smoking cannabis, or vaping, you’re introducing foreign elements down deep into the lungs, says Richard Castriotta, MD , a pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine specialist at Keck Medicine at the University of Southern California.
  • American Lung Association spokesperson Cedric Jamie Rutland, MD says smoking specifically damages type 2 pneumocyte cells in the lungs cells that are crucial to providing support to the lungs.
  • I could spin you a story quite easily, and I could back it up with science saying either that cannabis would be catastrophic to take in the presence of a viral infection or that cannabis could prevent or relieve viral infection, says Phillips.
  • Here are the caveats: First, for medical patients (or people who aren’t technically medical patients but use cannabis for a condition), different methods of consumption can cause different therapeutic effects, or lack thereof, according to Gill.

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