Women In Weed: A Candid Discussion About Equality, Inclusion, And Cannabis

  • Tiffany Bowden : MA, PhDc, and founding President, Former Education Chair and Co-Founder of The Minority Cannabis Business Association, Director of Education for the National Diversity & Inclusion Association, mental health advocate, diversity trainer, activist, writer, educator, and speaker
  • There’s a lot of people that talk about getting into the cannabis industry, but there’s not a lot of people talking about what happens to us when we’re here.
  • Because in any other space, I would consider myself black first, a woman second, and then I don’t really feel my womanness quite so much.
  • In terms of the last one, there are so many different smaller products that maybe people haven’t heard of that are really great.
  • I’ve tried to advocate for cannabis topicals in particular for black women who are experiencing pain because it can titrate out quite differently than what Western products generally can.
  • Just to reiterate some of the other things that I said, we’ve done a great job about talking about inclusion and getting minorities and women into the industry.

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